“There’s such a gap in care here and you created precisely what I’ve dreamed of and wished I had the time to do, but running a busy practice made it impossible. Thank you for all that you do for the health of children and all of the hard work you put into making this invaluable resource.  It’s truly life changing for them.  I am so thankful to have this resource. Native Hawaiian children struggle with obesity at the highest rates in our state. Now I feel empowered to really make a difference in changing that statistic.

-Dr. Jasmine Waipa
  Pediatrician, Hawaii

 “For the last three years we have had an amazing experience being a Dr. Yum National Partner. In particular some of the resources that we have found super helpful include the early feeding handouts that we give out out all well visits from 4-15 months. Parents are so appreciative of these handouts that are chock full of practical tips and insights. There are so many things on the internet about how to feed your baby. Dr. Fernand and her team do such an amazing job of simplifying the psychology and the science but also just providing very simple tips about early feeding. In addition what we love is the Meal-o-Matic feature which allows families that are super busy to whip together quick but nutrition and healthy meals. Dr. Yum has really made it easy for families with this feature. I also am super excited to get started with Touchpoints with my patients. One of passions in pediatrics is to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle in the most holistic way possible. I am eager to get as many of my patients enrolled in this program as possible. I highly recommend that every pediatrics practice in the country, if no the world become a Dr. Yum Partner!”

-Dr. Andrew Wu
 Pediatrician, Virgina